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Swag Brand Spotlight: Meet the Welly Bottle

Swag Brand Spotlight: Meet the Welly Bottle
July 6, 2021

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Meet Welly - They’ve got a minimalist take on the classic water bottle.

Welly was founded by Ben Kander in honor of and based on the principles of his mom, Elly, who passed away when Ben was 22. Elly was known for her altruism, social responsibility, health-consciousness and her efforts toward helping others find a purpose. 

From prototype to Kickstarter to an early stage VC round, Ben has grown Welly into a successful drinkware company that offers highly functional and fashionable bottles that help the environment, provide clean water to those in need and promote healthy lifestyles. 

With Welly, there’s purpose in every sip. 


Behind the Swag: The Welly Difference

Top Welly Water Bottle Swag Picks

Beyond Water Bottles: How Does Welly Make an Impact?

Behind the Swag: The Welly Difference

Buy a bottle, build a well. 

Every Welly bottle sold goes towards funding trackable giving projects. And to date, Welly has completed 4 projects bringing clean water and new wells to locations across the world. And they’re just getting started.

Welly bottles are primarily made from bamboo and 18/8 stainless steel. They’re committed to reducing the world’s dependence on single-use plastic and hence do not use any plastic in their products. Bye-bye stinky bottles! Welly also donates over 1% of all sales towards ensuring clean water to those in need. 

Because Welly lives by the philosophy that pure water is essential to pure living.

Like the best of modern water bottle tech today, Welly bottles are triple walled and vacuum insulated to keep your drink cold for 24 hours or hot for 14 hours. This is complemented by a sophisticated, minimal design. As an added bonus, Welly bottles look great on any surface. They also feature a slip-proof base that fits into most cup holders, making these a great travel companion. 

The Welly product range consists of three primary products:

  1. The Welly Traveler (12oz, 18oz and 28oz)
  2. The Welly Tumbler (16oz)
  3. The Welly Original (18oz)

The Original Welly is perhaps the most minimalist of the three options, with a clean cylindrical silhouette and a stylish steel cap. Looking for a water bottle that can keep up with you while on the go? The Traveler is your new best friend. Adding on to the Original, the Traveler features a sleek twist-off loop cap to accompany you from yoga sessions to the office to the beach to the train. And finally, the Tumbler is the bottle of choice for cold brew coffee lovers, smoothies, and afternoon cocktails.

Apart from these super sleek bamboo-steel bottles, Welly also sells bottle caps, brushes and cleaning tablets besides a few bundles. 

The Welly Traveler further features an infuser, which prevents lemons, mint leaves or any other fruit from invading your face. The infuser can also be used to brew loose leaf tea, instructions for which are available on the website itself. The Welly Traveler, without a doubt, makes for a great gift. 

And that’s true for all their other products too. Welly’s customers already love and laud the bottles for their portability, easy to clean design and all the other features we’ve mentioned! Just go take a look at the featured reviews on Welly’s homepage. 

Top Welly Water Bottle Swag Picks


1. The Welly Bamboo Bottle

The 18 oz. Welly Copper Vacuum Insulated Bottle features durable, double-wall stainless steel vacuum construction with copper insulation, which allows your beverage to stay cold for 24 hours and hot for 14 hours. The construction also prevents condensation on the outside of the bottle. Removable stainless steel infuser included. Comes complete with on-trend, durable powder coating and the natural bamboo wrap. It features a screw-on lid and a wide opening for comfortable filling and pouring. Perfect for ice cubes and fits most standard car cup holders. 1% of Sales are donated towards the construction of clean water drinking wells in areas without clean water.


2. Welly Voyager 16 oz Tumbler

Features a wide mouth for ice cubes and easy cleaning. Made with natural, renewable bamboo and comes with a slip-proof base that fits most standard cup holders.


3. Welly Original & Traveler Bundle Set

A gift set combo that includes 1 Welly Original Bottle and 1 Welly Traveler Copper Vacuum Bottle for the best of both worlds. Psst.. this one makes a great event swag surprise gift!

Beyond Water Bottles: How Does Welly Make an Impact?

Welly takes their mission of contributing to clean water efforts around the world quite seriously. If you take a look at their Mission page on the website, you’ll see that they’re tracking the projects towards which their donations go. Welly’s donations have already helped bring clean water and community health training to the community of Mai Welay in Ethiopia. They’re also tracking projects such as clean water initiatives to the cyclone devastated nation of Malawi and a new pumped system for a school in southern Bangladesh. 

According to the charity: water, “Access to clean water is perhaps the single most powerful tool for sparking economic growth." Welly believes that clean water helps keep kids in school and gives women time to take charge of their futures. In most water scarce communities, women spend hours walking long distances simply to ensure clean water for their households. 

Welly is one of the few brands consciously working towards changing this for the better. And when you buy a Welly bottle, you’re helping them do that.

Thoughtful, sustainable, good-looking water bottles. Sounds like a great piece of swag for your next swag pack! 

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