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SwagUp Aids in Denik’s 7th School in Senegal

SwagUp Aids in Denik’s 7th School in Senegal
March 16, 2023

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SwagUp sales help supplier partner, Denik build their 7th school in Senegal. This school is a place where 33 children can now learn and grow. The success of this program was due in large part to SwagUp’s sales of their notebooks in 2022.

Prior to this school, the students of Nguebeul Primary were learning in overcrowded classrooms, covered in dust, in extreme heat. They even attended class everyday in fear that the scorpions that called the room home, would sting them at any moment. Denik, with the help of SwagUp, has now given these children a brand new, spacious and well-ventilated classroom to learn in where every student has their own desk. This initiative really gives a meaning to Denik’s tagline “Art Can Change the World.”

  • Senegal's old school made of zinc sheets
  • Ibrahima Diaw, student at Nguebeul Primary

Denik supplies beautiful, fully custom notebooks. When you are using Denik notebooks, you are supporting artists and funding education initiatives, making your purchase even more special. Check out some awesome design’s SwagUp has created.

  • Swagstronaut Denik Eco Custom Hard Cover Notebook
  • SwagUp Denik Eco Custom Hard Cover Notebook

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By purchasing Denik notebooks through SwagUp, your company could also be contributing to the cause. Add Denik to your Swag Pack today!

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