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SwagUp Demo Series April Event: The Art of Sustinability

SwagUp Demo Series April Event: The Art of Sustinability
April 12, 2023

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In honor of Earth Day, SwagUp continued its signature Demo Series with The Art of Sustainable Swag. This month’s demo takes a deep dive into sustainability with SwagUp’s most human brand, Known Supply.

SwagUp's April Demo & Sustainable Swag Event

SwagUp Chief Revenue Officer Matthew Freedman sat down with Known Supply Co-Founder Kohl Crecelius to talk sustainable best practices and how to be an eco-conscious buyer. Known Supply is an organic cotton, fair trade apparel brand that highlights the people making your clothing and the impact of your purchases. It is a brand out to humanize the apparel industry by adding a QR code to each garment so the end user can get connected with the creator.

The goal of Known Supply was to extend company’s core beliefs, objectives, and sustainability practices to the items they give their employees and clients. SwagUp shares the belief that your swag is an important extension of your brand and should be treated as such. Choosing quality products, making deliberate design and material choices, and refining your ordering process are all ways in which your company can make a true, sustainable difference — both for your wallet and your planet.

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How SwagUp Redeem Is Helping Brands Be More Sustainable

SwagUp leverages technology to help companies order in a more sustainable way through our Collection Redeem pages. With a Collection Redeem, you are able to gain interest in certain swag items so you’re investing in a product people actually want. You can also collect sizing information prior to placing an order to ensure you are only buying what you need.

In case you missed it, follow this link to the SwagUp Demo Series: The Art of Sustainable Swag. You can also request your own demo here.

Be sure to tune into SwagUp’s upcoming Demo Series in May. SwagUp will host Mental Health in a Remote World on May 3rd with NoonBrew CEO Andrew Case.

More demos coming soon!

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Known Supply Swag
Known Supply Swag

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