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SwagUp Introduces Lower Minimums On Swag Orders

SwagUp Introduces Lower Minimums On Swag Orders
February 16, 2023

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Do you have a small team? Or just need swag for a few people? SwagUp has officially lowered its minimum from 50 minimum quantity to 25 minimum quantity! This has been a big request from SwagUp customers for lower minimums and it’s finally here! 

What You Need To Know About The New Minimum Update

When you are on our SwagUp website you will see the minimums have been updated and will allow you to order as low as 25. Previously SwagUp team only allowed for a minimum of 50, unless you asked for lower. Now it's officially the new minimum making it an easier experience for customers who want to buy swag for a small team or group of clients.

Although SwagUp has lowered minimums for customers for new orders, a new release will be coming soon for customers wanting to reorder their existing swag at a lower quantity. Late March is the excepted release date for this feature. Current customers can always message their SwagUp rep or get help through the chat function to get assistance on lower-order quantities.

Furthermore, SwagUp does offer even lower minimums as low as 1! They are considered part of SwagUp's off-menu and must be requested by your SwagUp rep.

Go to to check out new minimums!

SwagUp Lowers Buying Minimums To 25!

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