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SwagUp Joins Forces With Partiful For NYC Community Dinner

SwagUp Joins Forces With Partiful For NYC Community Dinner
March 23, 2023

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SwagUp and Partiful got together to host a community dinner in New York City. This dinner was a fun, laid-back event, where community members who have built amazing brands could network and exchange insights.

Partiful is an online platform that makes planning and hosting events easy. Its mission is to help you make friends and, most of all, memories. Partiful streamlines the process of planning and communicating with guests. In the same way, SwagUp streamlines the process of purchasing and distributing swag, hence making this partnership a match in event heaven.

SwagUp and Partiful invited like-minded founders and creatives to eat and mingle at the Lower East Side’s Pineapple Club. Party guests were treated to delicious Asian-fusion dishes and hand-crafted signature cocktails while sharing their thoughts on future collaborations. And, obviously, all guests left with some sweet swag!

So be sure to check out what Partiful is up to on Twitter. Likewise, be on the lookout for information on the next awesome event by following SwagUp on LinkedIn and Instagram!

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