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Easy HR software for up to 200 employees, simplifying tasks for UK SMEs.


Breathe offers simple & cost-effective software that makes it super-easy to manage up to 200 employees. From employee data, leave, sickness and HR documents to training & performance, expenses, recruitment, rota scheduling and e-learning – Breathe already helps over 13,000 UK SMEs to leave time-consuming tasks behind, without breaking the bank.

Triggers you can automate using 

  • New Hire Swag
  • Employee Birthday Swag
  • Employee Anniversary Swag

Actions you can automate using 

  • Send Swag
  • Send a Redeem Link
  • Send Credits to a Shop

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"The whole onboarding flow is built with in a combination of Zapier and then Hubspot workflows or automations. When someone joins we send them a welcome email with a typeform to confirm their mailing address. When they fill that out, that automatically sends them a swag box. That’s a zero touch, automated welcome box of Hampton gear, which is really nice."
Grant Hushek
Head Of Digital Operations, Hampton

Frequently asked questions

What are Native Integrations?

Native Integrations are pre-built connections between software systems (ex. HRIS, CRMs) that allow for seamless communication and data exchange between platforms.

What can I do with these Integrations?

Currently, you can connect your SwagUp Account with your HRIS Account and set up automations for New Hires, Employee Birthdays, and/or Employee Anniversaries.

What type of automations can I configure?

You can set up automations that trigger certain actions. Currently, the actions are as follows:
— Send swag from your inventory
— Send a redeem page to let your employees choose which swag product they want
— Send swag credits for employees to use in your shop*

For example, if a new hire has a start date of June 1st, you can set up an automation that triggers sending that employee a welcome pack on their first day.

*Note: you must have a Platinum Membership to gift swag credits to your shop.

Can I set up multiple automations at the same time?

Yes! You can set up multiple automations for each integration.

What if I want a manual approval step before an action is automatically triggered?

Not a problem! You can configure your automations so that you can manually approve each action before it is taken.

Can I connect multiple HRIS apps?

Yes. If your company uses multiple HRIS applications, you can connect more than one. There is an additional cost to connect more than one application

Can I control what data I share with SwagUp?

Yes - you can limit what data/fields are exchanged between platforms.

How much do Native Integrations cost?

Connect one app for free as part of your SwagUp membership. Non-members can set up an integration for free for 30 days to give it a try. Additional apps can be added on for $150/month or $1500/year