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Case Study: Hampton

Case Study: Hampton
Helen Rankin
April 10, 2024

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In the dynamic realm of entrepreneurship, where success is often quantified by milestones and accolades, Hampton shines as a model for those who aspire to cultivate more than just professional triumphs. This exclusive community thrives on the essence of genuine connections, fostering camaraderie, and instilling a profound sense of belonging. Nurtured by a scrappy, yet dedicated, small team, Hampton faces the formidable challenge of expanding its global community with hundreds of new members joining each month. Building and sustaining a robust community at scale is no easy feat, especially when aiming for genuine bonds amidst rapid growth. It is in these challenges that the importance of SwagUp as a solution becomes evident. With its innovative approach, SwagUp not only provides a means to enhance brand awareness but also becomes a catalyst for fostering unity and creating personalized experiences for community members. In the face of such ambitious growth, turning to SwagUp emerges as the strategic choice for Hampton, empowering the community to strengthen its bonds on a global scale.

About Hampton: 

Hampton is an exclusive, invitation-only network designed to cater to the unique needs and aspirations of entrepreneurs, founders, and CEOs. It stands as a sanctuary for those individuals who not only seek professional success but also value the power of genuine connections and a sense of belonging within a carefully curated community.

At Hampton, membership is more than just a title; it's an acknowledgment of your achievements, a recognition of your potential, and an invitation to join an elite group of like-minded individuals who share your drive for success. This select community is built on the pillars of trust, camaraderie, and support. Given Hampton’s highly curated community, they needed to ensure they would provide members with a top-level experience that included swag along the customer journey. 

Hampton’s goal was to use swag as a tool for brand awareness, bring their community together, and utilize swag to create personalized experiences such as sending someone a gift when they get married, have a baby, or even for birthdays.


The challenges 

The Hampton community wanted to ensure they could send high-quality swag that reflected the group within their community. So it was essential for them to have high-quality swag to provide to its members. Given the remote nature of their community, it was especially important to not have to store any swag and automate as much as possible for their teams. The last thing they wanted was someone having swag stored at home or in their garage. Having someone in the company take on that burden would take away from their main job, building the community. They also wanted to make sure anything they sent to community members was high quality and mirrored the standards they had as a community. Furthermore, they needed it to be simple for their sales team to be able to easily access and send swag to customers as they feel fit. Finding a solution that fit their needs of their sales team without any distribution or having to add new tools are important. The swag process from start to finish has to be seemless. That's when they found SwagUp. 

Through SwagUp, they were able to send swag to welcome community members, utilize swag for special events, and automate sending swag for personal milestones and member's experiences. Furthermore, the swag reflected the brand's prestige and quality.


“We’re trying to surprise and delight our members as much as possible. Really make being a part of Hampton a happy but also high-value experience. SwagUp, awesome partners, really big fans of theirs.” - Grant Hushek


The Solution 

Hampton was surprised to find a company that met all their needs. Being remote it was important to not have any part of the process burden any team members. To their surprise SwagUp took care of handling everything from packaging, which was a detail they didn’t think to include in their search to what do to for any international shipments if needed. Having a dedicated SwagUp Rep help them through the process really made them feel they had a great partner in ensuring their brand needs were met along with the operational process completely off their plates. Selecting the items for their community members was made easy with the help of the SwagUp team. 

Second from getting high quality custom swag, Hampton wanted to ensure their sales and marketing teams could use the swag as needed. To overcome these challenges, Hampton leveraged SwagUp's capabilities to automate and simplify their swag distribution process. By collecting key information from its members, including addresses and birthdays, Hampton created a seamless system using SwagUp’s integration process to send out fully branded swag packs. The integration with Zapier & SwagUp allowed the Hampton team to automate these shipments effortlessly. As a member's birthday approached, additional swag was dispatched, enhancing the personal touch of the Hampton experience. The Hampton team has further utilized integrations by SwagUp to ship swag for more personalized touch points such as birthdays, new babies, and engagements. Hampton sales team loved that they could easily send swag using the same tools they use everyday, Airtable. This made it even easier for their teams to deepen relationships with community members by sending swag in those key special moments.

Overall Hampton was able to achieve all their needs and more by using SwagUp to up their brand with swag, handle all distribution globally, a seamless process for the sales team, all while being remote. 

The Hampton Playbook, a showcase of the swag utilized and the services and integrations employed, provides a comprehensive guide for those looking to replicate this unique swag experience within their communities. The playbook includes swag templates, integration guides, and insights into the seamless collaboration between Airtable and SwagUp.




Get Hampton Playbook

Want to use the Hampton playbook? Here are all the templates you need to recreate this swag experience with the most curated community around.


‍Integration Templates 

Swag Integration Templates 

Airtable x SwagUp 





BELLA + CANVAS Unisex Triblend LS Tee


Jot + Tap Gel Pen
Nova Bound JournalBook
Cannoli Mug
Vintage Dyed Dad Hat
Baby Jersey Onesie


The success of Hampton's swag strategy is evident in the excitement shared by its community members. Testimonials and real-life examples showcase the swag "in the wild," affirming the positive impact of Hampton's approach. The integration of swag into the Hampton community has not only strengthened brand awareness but also solidified the bonds among its members. The playbook serves as an invitation for others to explore the potential of swag in enhancing their customers' journey and fostering a sense of community.



SwagUp's innovative solutions have played a pivotal role in catapulting Hampton's community-building endeavors to unprecedented efficiency. The strategic integration of swag, powered by SwagUp, not only elevated the brand but, more importantly, significantly saved the company valuable time. Without SwagUp's streamlined processes and efficient tools, achieving such seamless execution would have been an arduous task, potentially creating a notable gap in the overall member experience. Hampton's success in utilizing personalized and curated swag to foster connections and enhance the community's overall experience underscores how SwagUp has become an indispensable partner, ensuring not just quality branding but also operational excellence that has saved crucial time for the company.

Hampton Community shares their excitement while joining this exclusive community! Check out the swag in the wild! This proves the success of Hampton's use of swag! To learn more on how you can use swag to enhance your customer's journey book time here!


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