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SwagUp Tops the Spring 2023 G2 Charts

SwagUp Tops the Spring 2023 G2 Charts
March 31, 2023

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SwagUp has once again earned multiple accolades from G2. G2 is the leading provider of peer-to-peer reviews for software and services. For Spring 2023, G2 named SwagUp a Leader in Promotional Products Management. The company also earned accolades for Easiest Setup and Easiest To Do Business With. These achievements follow SwagUp's success as a Leader in the industry and Easiest Setup award in Fall and Winter of 2022/2023.

G2 accumulates its data directly from millions of authentic business users. And the users have spoken! SwagUp prides itself on being a one-stop-shop where clients can easily create, automate, and distribute swag globally. The company is living up to its claims as “the swag platform for the modern workplace.”

“We are obsessively focused on eliminating the friction in the process of creating and distributing swag that people will actual use and ultimately be impactful, whether it be strengthening workplace culture, helping close prospects, or building stronger bonds with clients.” — Michael Martocci, Founder and Chief Swag Officer

The Easiest To Use category factors in real user satisfaction ratings. The ratings are based on how easy the product is to administer and how well the product meets business requirements. SwagUp makes sign up easy by having no contractual obligations and a super quick onboarding process

“While their solution is good for either remote teams or offices, I REALLY enjoyed how easy it was for our fully remote company to receive their package in +20 countries. This would have been a real nightmare without Swag Up." – Angella V., Customer Success Manager

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