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SwagUp Launches HRIS Integrations, Account Switcher & Redeem Page Upgrades!

SwagUp Launches HRIS Integrations, Account Switcher & Redeem Page Upgrades!
Helen Rankin
May 31, 2024

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What’s New At SwagUp? 

The biggest launch of the history of SwagUp is here. We know ordering swag can be painful, which is why our team is dedicated to making swag simple. This May we took a step further by launching HRIS integrations within our SwagUp Platform. That’s not all our SwagUp team has to deliver! We launched ability to switch between different accounts with our Account Switcher Mode and upped the about of swag options listed on a Redeem Page!

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HRIS Integrations 

Account Switcher Mode 

Redeem Pages With Multiple Swag Options 

50+ HRIS integrations 

Our biggest launch in the history of SwagUp! Over 50 plus integrations available such as Justworks, Bamboo, Gusto , Workday, and more! This integration is available within our SwagUp platform allowing customers to connect their swag to different employment engagements! Currently customers can automate their swag for new hires, employee birthdays and work anniversaries! This product will help HR & Culture professionals save time by having these swag workflows fully automated. Once they pick their swag they can connect the platforms to automate the rest! Set and forget mode for employee engagement will help HR & Culture professionals focus on what is most important! 

Account Switcher Mode 

Our SwagUp team didn’t stop there. We understand that naturally swag is something that is needed across all teams, hr , marketing , sales and more. Our platform launch Account Switcher Mode. This allows companies keep their swag inventory & budget separate but still manage within the same platform. Perfect for anyone managing swag budgets for internal and external use cases. 

At every company there is always a few people in charge of ordering swag. Swag touches so many different teams from HR for internal use and Marketing for community building, client gifts, or marketing campaigns. Our Account Switcher Mode allows for customers to own more than one account at SwagUp but still be able to access them within the same login! Perfect options for customers with larger budgets that need to have separate inventory or invoices but still managed by the same person. For example, maybe you are a Marketer that wants to make sure all the swag is approved by your team , but want to give HR freedom to create redeem pages and employee shops - This feature is for you! 


Redeem Pages With Multiple Swag Options 

Last year we launched Redeem Pages that allowed for customers to use a custom landing page that can be used to collect address or size information and automate the swag shipment at the same time! Originally we had a limit on how many items a person could Redeem on these pages. We have now extended the limit to 10 swag items per Redeem Page! This is a great option if you are looking to do employee rewards and want them to pick an item they want or maybe you want a bigger gift selection for your customers to choose from for rewards. 

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