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Mission Log : New Navigation, Gift Cards & More!

Mission Log : New Navigation, Gift Cards & More!
Helen Rankin
June 28, 2024

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The SwagUp team has done it again! Bringing you the July Mission Log with all the latest tech enhancements on our SwagUp Dashboard! This month we launched Left Bar Navigation, Gift Card Options in our Shops, and the Ability to Add more swag to open orders!

Left bar Navigation

Left Bar Navigation is here, making it easier for customers to navigate through the SwagUp platform with ease! The new navigation brings tabs forward that were once tricker to find such as settings, help, contacts, and billing. We also made some enhancements in the search bars on pages like Products and Orders making it easier to narrow your search. This new launch also brings a wider view so you can see more on one screen and a better mobile view.

Gift Cards Shops

With SwagUp’s recent big launch Shops, it now comes with gift card options! Gift cards allow you to give a spending allowance to any contact you have in your shop. You can edit the amount and even do a CSV upload for larger contact updates. This is perfect for launching employee shops or using gift cards for new hires! Our team has been using Shops as a way to manage how much a Sales Rep can gift customers. Each rep has a Gift Card amount that they can spend towards SwagUp gifts for customers! The use cases are endless!

Add Swag To Open Orders

Customers no longer have to create multiple orders to get mockups or add more swag options. They can now add more swag to any open orders they have! So if you change your mind or simply want to see another option mocked up, no worries you can easily do so in our SwagUp platform!

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