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🌿Swag in the Wild: New Hire Kits, Onboarding Swag, and Employee Engagement Tips Featuring MicroAcquire and More!

🌿Swag in the Wild: New Hire Kits, Onboarding Swag, and Employee Engagement Tips Featuring MicroAcquire and More!
April 1, 2022

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Oh hey, it's April! We're kicking off this month's first installment of SITW with an ode to welcome swag. Read on to check out a few of our favorite new hire and onboarding packs, listen to a new podcast episode starring our very own Chief People Officer, and learn more about integrations and partnerships that make swag sending easier than ever. We've got a lot to cover --- hop into the latest installment of Swag in the Wild with us!

First up, we're shouting out MicroAquire's new community swag. A startup dedicated to supporting startups, MicroAquire offers a results-based solution to help startups get acquired faster, with fewer hurdles to clear. Their straightforward philosophy is echoed in their crisp and minimalist community swag packs, which feature a custom mug, dad hat, and soft tee. These packs launched to the MicroAcquire community in Mid-March, and grateful recipients have been sharing the love on social media ever since!

Psst: more community pack ideas, this way!

@kristiángejdos, via Twitter
@firatdemirel, via Twitter

Onchain Studios went all out with their newest team swag drop, creating a custom swag pack stuffed with custom items including Moleskine journals, cozy fleece apparel, reusable water bottles, and more! Their Slack channels went wild with praise for the fresh new gear, and Onchain was gracious enough to share some of their favorite responses with us.

Check out their amazing swag packs below, and build your own here!

Via Onchain Studios

Need pack inspo? We can help! Check out SwagUp's preset packs here.

Sample Pack Unboxing Ahead!

Wondering what's in our free SwagUp sample packs?

Check out this sweet unboxing video from Rick Fitzgerald for the lowdown on the goods, and keep your eyes peeled for a refreshed sample pack, launching in April! 👀

Ready to get your brand in more hands? Reach out to one of our swag experts for all the details.

Postal.io's Onboarding Swag

Our friends at Postal.io have some of the coolest swag around - ask their new team members.

"Got my New Hire Welcome Box! How cool is this ?! Thank you Postal.io!

#partofthesquad #postalsquad #postie #postalfam #postal.io

Nathalie B., via LinkedIn

Did you know? SwagUp and Postal.io integrate to make swag-sending even easier! Check out this blog post for details!

Speaking of integrations: Our partner, Commsor, shares how to leverage their integration to increase community engagement. Check out Sending Swag to Your Community Members Made Easy with Community OS and SwagUp for all the details!

Ready to reach a wider audience by sharing content, integrating with SwagUp, or referring other businesses to us? Click here to get the conversation started!

Wondering what else we're up to? Our Chief People Officer, Megan Thornton, joined Joseph Cabrera from the Professionally Offensive podcast to discuss her passion for training and development, how her time in the Peace Corp informs her work, and the importance of sustaining employee engagement efforts past the onboarding period. We're proud of Megan and all that she and her team do to support every SwagUp team member!

Listen to the entire conversation here, via Apple Podcasts.

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