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Why Great Swag Is a Uniform Your Team Loves to Wear

Why Great Swag Is a Uniform Your Team Loves to Wear
December 16, 2020

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Welcome to our Swag Expert-curated blog series sharing some of the greatest, coolest, and wildest swag projects our clients and partners have worked on! But that’s not the best part. What we love most is seeing a swag project come to life after it leaves SwagUp HQ.



Founded in December 2008, ONE Sotheby’s International Realty has since grown to 18 offices between Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Treasure Coast and Brevard Counties with nearly 1,000 top producing agents. This high performing brand and team help turn the excitement of a dream home into a reality for their customers 🤩


The leading platform for professionals to discover innovative companies, Crunchbase works to democratize the way innovators access opportunity. Their success speaks for itself: over 55 million professionals—including entrepreneurs, investors, market researchers, and salespeople—trust Crunchbase to inform their business decisions 📈


ONE Sotheby's International Realty Nike Tech Polos

COMPANY: ONE Sotheby's International Realty

PURPOSE: The ONE SIR Team Stays Classy & Cool at #FLIBS 😎

SWAG SUCCESS INGREDIENTS: Bulk Swag, High Quality Employee Swag, Company Culture, Event Swag, Celebration


Sure, it’s getting cold now, but that’s exactly why we love this throwback photo of warmer days, short sleeves, and ice cold drinks ☀️

Because having the right swag for the season can be game changing!

After all, what goes is swag doing for your brand if it’s hidden underneath a hoodie? (Or conversely, a jacket stashed away in the closet during the summer?)

In other words, for swag your employees will actually wear, consider how your swag plays into their wardrobe throughout the year.

Here’s the other thing: A cohesive team uniform does wonders for your brand, but you know what is even better?

A uniform that looks amazing, and feels just as good to wear.

The ONE SIR Team gets it right with high quality custom branded Nike Tech Polos to help their team stay cool and comfortable. Let’s just say these swag projects are some of the classiest we’ve seen.

THE TAKEAWAY: Choose high quality swag your employees love, and watch the ROI skyrocket for your brand strength and culture 🚀

🥂 9 Awesome Low Min Swag Packs for Your Team in the New Year 🎉


Crunchbase Team Holiday Jackets

COMPANY: Crunchbase

PURPOSE: Branded Company Merch to Keep Cozy for the Season ❄️

SWAG SUCCESS INGREDIENTS: Bulk Swag, Company Culture, Seasonal Swag, Celebration


The Crunchbase team sends their employees holiday jackets to bundle up for the winter - coincidently setting the stage for a perfect employee photo. We love jackets as a great swag pick for any team because they offer subtlety and class with practically no effort. Your company logo fades into the background and won’t be in your face (well, unless you want it to be!)

Paired with some of our favorite high quality swag brands, this is custom branded swag that no one will be able to tell apart from something you picked up at a retail store.

And when it comes to performance, no need to skimp.

The most important thing is picking a jacket that fits your company culture. Silicon Valley-style hoodie, french terry bomber, or Patagonia fleece jacket? Your choice — after all, you know your brand best.

But here’s what we can tell you. Swag classics like shirts and notebooks are best for versatility. If you don’t know what you’ll use your swag for, but you know getting into the swag game is probably a good idea for your company, we recommend checking out these swag classics you can’t go wrong with. The positive is that many of these popular picks can be used for most situations, from onboarding to client appreciation!

Crunchbase scores another win here with some seriously solid essential swag picks. From a two-tone mug that is well designed to their brand to a 100% ring spun cotton tee (read: uber soft), these swag picks are great for employees and anyone else in the Crunchbase community.

THE TAKEAWAY: Go with essential swag picks for maximum versatility and flexibility when it comes to using your swag for multiple situations.

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