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Want Awesome Brand Culture? Empower Your Team to Win

Want Awesome Brand Culture? Empower Your Team to Win
December 14, 2020

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Swag in the Wild Feature #26

Welcome to our Swag Expert-curated blog series sharing some of the greatest, coolest, and wildest swag projects our clients and partners have worked on! But that’s not the best part. What we love most is seeing a swag project come to life after it leaves SwagUp HQ.


Kudos to these two teams for not only picking high quality swag to appreciate their employees, but also using the opportunity to strengthen their brand’s culture! 🔥


Partnering with powerful tools like Snowflake and Google Data Studio, the Panoramic team is on a mission to transform data for marketers and analysts everywhere. Through a simple, intuitive, no-code interface, you can use Panoramic to turn marketing data into actionable insights. In other words, the solution to effortlessly bridge the gaps in your marketing stack.


Founded by Carrie Goldberg (who also wrote Nobody’s Victim: Fighting Psychos, Stalkers, Perv, and Trolls), C.A. Goldberg Law is a victims’ rights law firm working hard to provide legal help, give a voice, and empower people against abusers, whether person, school, or company. Carrie has also recently received the 2020 Domestic Violence Legal Empowerment and Appeals Project Joan Meier Founder’s Award.


Panoramic Employee Swag Packs

COMPANY: Panoramic

PURPOSE: Employee Appreciation for the Panoramic Team 😍

SWAG SUCCESS INGREDIENTS: Swag Packs, Employee Appreciation, Remote Swag Distribution, High Quality Swag, SwagUp Platform, Company Culture


Culture is more than a welcome card on day one — it’s what powers your brand community year round! And nowhere is that more true than starting with the people inside your company.

Panoramic’s swag projects stand out for not only being beautifully on-brand with interesting and fun swag picks their team loves, but also for keeping it consistent with the values behind the swag!

From summer packs featuring a neat cotton tote and Panoramic branded shades to a special swag pack gift (with fresh flowers!) during the holiday season, this is one team that gets how to bring employee appreciation and brand culture together in a powerful and memorable way.

The takeaway: Whether it’s through a Thank You note paired with their favorite snacks, a team bonding activity/company retreat, or a thoughtful swag care package, take the time to focus on the people inside your company throughout the year. It’s the key to growing brand culture worth talking about — and coincidently, good swag! 🚀

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Official C.A. Goldberg Law Company Merch

COMPANY: C.A. Goldberg Law

PURPOSE: High Quality Branded Swag to Promote the Cause 🔥

SWAG SUCCESS INGREDIENTS: Bulk Swag, Company Culture, Advocate Merch. Community, High Quality Custom Branded Swag


The power of swag is often related to its role as a physical representation of something bigger than ourselves — membership in a community, support for causes we care about, a message that can be shared instantly from one hand to another without words — which is why choosing high quality swag is the secret to effortlessly taking your branding to a whole different playing field!

But once you get high quality swag, how you design it is incredibly important to strengthening your brand’s culture. Subtle logo placement or big and bold branding? Vibrant colors or a more modern palette?

Even the swag picks you make are a reflection of your brand (e.g. if your company is big on sustainability, choosing sustainable swag like reusable metal straws and apparel made with recycled materials supports that narrative!)

When done well, you have a powerful marketing and sales tool for your brand.

And that’s exactly what the C.A. Goldberg Law team gets right. We loved working with the team on this swag project - with just a couple solid swag packs like our popular H2Go Silo bottle and comfy Sock Club custom knit socks, the C.A. Goldberg team created stylish custom branded company merch they can use for any situation.

The takeaway: Dialing in on your branding gives your swag flexibility to succeed at any use case you can think of, from the ones you already do to the ones you haven’t yet started.

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