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Swag + Food is the Perfect Pair 🍷🧀

Swag + Food is the Perfect Pair 🍷🧀
August 21, 2020

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Weekly Swag in the Wild spotted with Beam Suntory and Outer Aisle by Growth Busters!

SPOTTED SWAG IN THE WILD: Beam Suntory, Outer Aisle

We believe swag should be fun - so why not make an experience out of it? That’s exactly what Growth Busters had in mind when it came to creating branded swag for their client Outer Aisle, a vegan pizza crust company. 

Our team worked with Growth Busters on creating these delightful and unique Pizza Packs in celebration of National Pizza Day. The campaign went viral as it was served at Outer Aisle customers doorstep just in time for the celebration! People were excited to use their new pizza kits with Outer Aisle products and get creative with the ingredients. 

We loved this idea so much, we extended this experience to our own SwagUp team. Swag is such a huge part of human connection and creating experiences everyone will remember... which brings us to our next client spotlight, Beam Suntory!  We worked with the Beam Suntory team to create custom swag for their employees that is timeless and high quality, just like their products 🥃 

Let’s make a toast to these fun Swag in the Wild! 🎉


Beam Suntory Employee Swag Packs

COMPANY: Beam Suntory

PURPOSE: Beam Suntory outfits their hardworking employees with premium swag befitting a premium brand

SWAG SUCCESS INGREDIENTS: Swag packs, Employee Swag, Company Culture

THE DETAILS: Beam Suntory is a timeless brand with a fierce focus on delivering nothing but the highest quality. Because of that the Beam Suntory team knew they were looking for high quality swag that reflected their top shelf whiskeys and the values of quality that the company stood for. Don’t take chances when it comes to creating swag - it’s a reflection of your company brand and sets the tone for culture outside and inside the company so you want to get it right 👏🏻


Growth Busters: Outer Aisle Pizza Packs

COMPANY: Outer Aisle

PURPOSE: In collaboration with Growth Busters, SwagUp helps  Outer Aisle celebrates the launch of their Cauliflower crust in style on National Pizza Day with clever pizza-themed swag packs

SWAG SUCCESS INGREDIENTS: Swag packs, Company Brand, Fulfillment, Agency Partnerships

THE DETAILS: Holidays are the best time to go loud. The Growth Busters team took the opportunity to celebrate National Pizza Day, got creative, and knocked it out of the park with these fantastic Pizza Packs! 🍕 We love how the packaging became part of the message - and so did Outer Aisle customers. 


TaxJar, Ripcord

Wunderbar Together, Empire Selling

AdOutreach, Facebook


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