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Repping the Team with Localised and Bread

Repping the Team with Localised and Bread
September 25, 2020

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In this week’s edition, get inspired with the impressive swag the teams at Localised and Bread put together in appreciation of their greatest talent! 🎉 

Great organizations of all sizes and missions share one thing in common: a tight-knit crew. These teams are amazing not because of each individual’s talent, but because together they boost each other up through complementary skills, strong communication, and unwavering trust that every single person will do their best to see the job through.

So it’s no surprise that it is these teams that achieve productivity and results ahead of the pack! Kudos to the teams at Localised and Bread for creating the kind of team culture that shows in the way they use swag. As we like to say, swag doesn’t lie 😉


What’s the best way to go global? Think local. If you’re confused, then get ready to reimagine how brands and shoppers transact across borders with Localised. The company helps brands expand globally through local-first ecommerce. In other words, design, localize, manage, and market country-specific sites in distant markets using a single streamlined solution.

And the company is making big moves. As the Localised team grows, new employees are welcomed to the team with fresh Localised swag! 😎


Since its founding 2014, Bread has seen explosive growth. Bread powers personalized pay-over-time solutions that help retailers build stronger consumer connections, grow sales, and improve brand loyalty. The team at Bread is all about taking a customer-first approach and we couldn’t support this more. Backed by some of the nation’s leading investors (led by Bessemer Venture Partners), Bread has a roster of talent steadily growing - and we love seeing this come to life in the shape of all their employee swag.

Big props to these teams for all their wins and their thoughtful approach to welcoming new teammates onboard. Now let’s see that swag 🔥


Localised New Hire Packs

COMPANY: Localised

PURPOSE: A Thank You Pack to Kick off the Week in Appreciation of the Talented Team at Localised! 🎉

SWAG SUCCESS INGREDIENTS: Swag packs, Global Fulfillment, Employee Appreciation, Company Culture

The Localised team is growing fast, and befitting a company that helps brands connect with people across borders, the Localised team is all over the world. For some teams, distance is why the ball gets dropped. But not at Localised. To kick off the week, the team sent out Thank You swag packs across 6 countries in appreciation of their newest hires! 😲 Coordinating this kind of wide-scale swag distribution is no easy feat… unless you take a page out of Localised’s playbook and go with a painless swag solution like SwagUp 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Bread Employee Swag


PURPOSE: The Bread Crew Gets Swagged Up With New Merch! 😎

SWAG SUCCESS INGREDIENTS: Swag packs, High Quality Bulk Swag, SwagUp Platform, Company Culture, Employee Appreciation

There’s never a dull day with life at Bread! From custom knit socks to comfortable dad hats, the Bread team always has the perfect swag for the moment. We love that the Bread team is thoughtful about their swag picks, keeping it on brand and going with swag everyone can use and love. After all, the best swag is the one you’ll actually use. And that’s true whether you’re welcoming a new employee to the family, celebrating a new feature launch, or hosting a virtual event. Nicely done, Bread 🙌🏼

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