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How to Win Big at Community Engagement 🥳

How to Win Big at Community Engagement 🥳
September 18, 2020

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Meet the Swag in the Wild Nominations! 

Join us in this week’s Swag in the Wild to see how Molis Coaching and Modsi Agency get creative with swag for the members of their community 🎉 

With the spotlight on virtual events and communities, it’s only natural that the best teams start to think about how they can appreciate and engage with the members of their communities. Because while you may not be in the same room (or even same time zone) as everyone else, that community feeling is crucial.

Huge props to these teams for leveraging swag as a tool for community conversations 🚀


Longtime friends became co-founders when Ryan Molis and Scott Curran took an idea and turned it into reality. That idea was Molis Coaching, an online community with comprehensive video-based modules to help dentists grow their Invisalign practices with clarity and confidence. To date, the community is now over a thousand members strong and quickly increasing — so the team got to thinking, what was a thoughtful way they could appreciate their members?

We’re big fans of this mentality to always create the best possible member experience. And as you’ll see in a moment, the Molis Coaching team knocks this one out of the park.


Founded by experienced developer Blake Connally, Modsi is an enterprise software development agency focused on building automation and data analysis tools. With a tight-knit and highly skilled team working behind the scenes, Modsi has helped over 100 companies build platforms that reduce human labor costs and increase efficiency. The Modsi team not only sends swag to appreciate their clients, but also recently celebrated a milestone moment on social media with an exclusive Modsi swag giveaway! 

At SwagUp, we believe swag should be fun (not a stressful headache) and these teams embrace that to the fullest possible extent. So without further ado, let’s dig into it 😎 


Molis Coaching Member Swag

COMPANY: Molis Coaching

PURPOSE: Welcome Swag to Excite New Members! (Plus, Virtual T-shirt Cannons 🎉)

SWAG SUCCESS INGREDIENTS: Swag Pack, Bulk Swag, Member Onboarding, Company Culture, Community, Redeem Pages

THE DETAILS: Molis Coaching helps their newest members celebrate the start of an exciting journey as they join a community of dentists passionate about growing their Invisalign practices! We love that the Molis team recognizes the moment with a well-timed welcome swag pack (bonus points for picking swag that help new members get the most out of their membership!)

Kudos to this team for not only giving a warm welcome but also continuing to engage their community members afterwards in various fun ways, including using swag for a virtual t-shirt cannon. 

🚀 See the Molis Coaching Client Success Story 

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Modsi Agency Giveaway Swag 

COMPANY: Modsi Agency

PURPOSE: Fun and Exciting Merch Giveaway for Modsi Agency Followers

SWAG SUCCESS INGREDIENTS: SwagUp Catalog, SwagUp Platform, Dropshipping, Community Culture

THE DETAILS: The Modsi team expanded their merch to the public, launching with an exciting giveaway of exclusive Modsi Agency swag! Followers received a thank you pack filled with cool items including a branded Modsi shirt, thermos, and thank you note. Shoutout to the team for showcasing their clean and minimalist brand all the way through to the swag 😎 

Pro tip: Take a page out of Modsi’s swag playbook and share some love with your community — if your usual swag efforts focus on clients, it can be a smart move to strengthen your brand while appreciating the wider community around your company for their support. Nice win, Modsi! 🙌🏼

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