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Driving Brand Culture with Rap TV and HPL Training 🔥

Driving Brand Culture with Rap TV and HPL Training 🔥
October 21, 2020

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Welcome back to Swag in the Wild! 

Since day one of SwagUp, we’ve believed in the importance of high quality branded swag — especially for growing businesses passionate about their mission. Because good swag isn’t just a promotional tool; it’s also a physical connection between members and a community!

As a result, we’re excited to shine the spotlight on RapTV and HPL Training, where the spotted swag in the wild excels at embracing the spirit of these brands 🎉


Founded by Daniel Snow, RapTV is a multimedia organization that started with a simple Instagram page. Today, that same account has over 6.4 million followers and is a hugely popular community for fans of rap culture. 


HPL Training (HPLT) is a unique community started by entrepreneur and high performer Brian Mazza. The HPLT retreat is described as “a celebration of laser-focused like-minded humans” where individuals gather for three days and go through human performance growth activities in a team environment, including keynote speakers, sunrise yoga & meditation, multiple HIIT workouts, team runs, and more.


RapTV Shirts


PURPOSE: High Quality Custom Branded Shirts

SWAG SUCCESS INGREDIENTS: Bulk Swag, Curated Swag Catalog, SwagUp Platform

THE DETAILS: The RapTV team knew a high quality brand deserves a high quality shirt. While it’s easy to slap a logo on the cheapest shirt you can find, the truth is people won’t wear an uncomfortable or badly designed shirt. And logo placement matters more than you might think. 

It doesn’t have to be complicated but it does have to match your brand’s style. Subtle or bold? What kind of ink? How many colors? 100% cotton or a triblend? Your Swag Expert can help you figure out the best choice for your brand. Props to the RapTV team for creating these on-brand shirts, nicely screen printed with their front and center. 

(And in case you were wondering, yes, that is the ever-popular Bella + Canvas Tee 😉

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HPL Training with Brian Mazza

COMPANY: HPL Training with Brian Mazza  

PURPOSE: Exclusive Swag Packs for HPLT Retreat Members

SWAG SUCCESS INGREDIENTS: Swag Packs, Community, Curated Swag, Distribution

THE DETAILS:  When you’re building a community of like-minded individuals centered around a mission, the strength of your brand can be weakened or bolstered by your choice of swag. Props to Brian and the HPL team for creating swag that empowers their community members to feel joy and pride in being part of something great! 

And the collection in this HPLT Retreat swag pack is seriously impressive. If you’re interested in getting something similar, don’t lose heart - it can seem overwhelming to start, but the trick is to create a foundation by thoughtfully choosing the right swag items from our curated swag catalog. Then work with a Swag Expert to dial it in to your company brand. Once you’ve figured out the core swag items, it’s easy to remix for later swag projects. Just between us, that’s the secret of a company swag catalog 🤫

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