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Swag Inspires Stronger Bonds of Team Culture

Swag Inspires Stronger Bonds of Team Culture
October 7, 2020

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Welcome to Swag in the Wild! 

In this week’s edition, see how Sana Benefits and Curion build the bonds of team culture with swag 😎

Swag often comes to mind as something you give away to the people outside your company — but the teams at Sana and Curion prove that appreciating the people inside your company with gifts is just as important and impactful. 

Whether you are hanging out on a Zoom call with your new swag, welcoming new employees, or prepping the team for a new training session, swag is a perfect way to get everyone excited about the event 🥳


Sana Benefits makes the important stuff simple. We’re talking full medical, dental, vision and perks — but without the extra hassle and surprise fees. 

Recently the Sana team raised $20.8 million for their mission of disrupting the ‘stone age’ healthcare insurance industry. Specifically a fit for medium and small businesses, the Sana team is incredibly thoughtful with their customer experience. So if you’re looking to level up your employee health benefits package, check them out!


Want smart consumer insights to successfully bring your next product to market? 

Curion’s got your back. As a leader in consumer product research, Curion not only pioneered several sensory methodologies that are considered the standard today but they have also served Fortune 500 companies in industries ranging from food & beverage to personal care. For more about their specific approach, learn about Curion LifeLabs™ here.


Sana Benefits Team Swag

COMPANY: Sana Benefits

PURPOSE: New Swag for the Squad!

SWAG SUCCESS INGREDIENTS: Bulk Swag, Dashboard, Fulfillment, Swag Creation

THE DETAILS: Never underestimate the power of swag for showing off that team spirit! The Sana team absolutely kills it at growing company culture and embracing teamwork. When you’re getting ready for a virtual event, consider how swag can make it feel bigger than just another Zoom call! Because no matter where your teammates are in the world, swag can help them feel connected to the rest of the company. Go Sana!

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Curion Employee Swag Packs

COMPANY: Curion 

PURPOSE: A Warm Welcome to New Curion Teammates!

SWAG SUCCESS INGREDIENTS: Swag packs, Employee Onboarding, Dashboard, Company Culture

THE DETAILS: The Curion team hires with culture in mind and it shows with the welcome they give their newest employees! But it doesn’t end there. Day in and day out, the Curion team supports each other to keep growing, whether that’s through fun swag packs to compliment training sessions or some nice Allbirds to appreciate their hard working talent. Which just goes to show: culture is something you build every day. And it starts from day one.

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