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Victoria Beckham Wears "My Dad Had A Roll Royce" T-shirt And We Are Here For This Swag

Victoria Beckham Wears "My Dad Had A Roll Royce" T-shirt And We Are Here For This Swag
Helen Rankin
January 16, 2024

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As if we couldn’t be more obsessed with Victoria Beckham, she has now given up another reason to love her. She’s been seen rocking some new swag these days, which she candidly posted on her tiktok. 

If you are like the rest of us glued to their Netflix documentary on David Beckham , called “BECKHAM”, there might be a few iconic moments that really stuck. Whether it’s David and Victoria dancing together or how Victoria told David she was pregnant right before one of the biggest games in his lift at that time. But none seem to top this very posh moment where Victoria Beckham was getting honest with the camera about her humble middle class upbringing. Leave it to David Beckham to peek through the door at rapid speed to share what car her father drove her to school in. “Be honest, what car did your father drive you to school in?” David would ask her repeatedly. Do we expect anything less for our Posh Spice to be driven in a Rolls Royce to school?!

On November 17, 2023, to make light of this iconic moment that went viral on Tiktok, Victoria was seen wearing a branded t-shirt that says “ My Dad Had A Rolls Royce.” Gotta love her ability to make fun of the situation. She even takes it a step further teasing to shop for the exclusive slogan t-shirt!

Watch Victoria Beckham post.


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