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Meet Those Who Will Wag For Swag! 🐶

Meet Those Who Will Wag For Swag! 🐶
September 4, 2020

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Cannoli here! Chief Pawfficer of SwagUp at your service. Welcome to this spin-off edition of Swag in the Wild, now officially called “Wags in the Wild 🐾

So, what is Wags in the Wild?

Simple. We love seeing employees share pet photos and show off their swag. As a certified pet-friendly company, we thought these good boys and girls deserve a special shoutout. (And maybe a treat, hint hint.)

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Meet Penelope, loyal #wfh buddy to our Account Executive, Jordyn!

Penelope gets bonus points for balancing work and comfort in style. Because sometimes all you really need to be productive is a quality notebook and the right headspace 🔥

(Now if only we all looked this good first thing in the morning.)

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Sana Benefits

Want health benefits people actually love? The Sana Benefits team can help.

They’ve also got welcome-to-the-team swag down pat. This handsome fella just got a fresh ‘do and is rocking that new Sana swag 💯

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The Lunchbox team is out to help restaurants redefine the online ordering experience and they’re doing it with a bang.

A salute to this pupper with his new stash of swag. He’s got the right idea - just like with tasty food, it seems fair to say that pack rules apply (i.e. get your own) 😉

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