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Weekly Swag In the Wild – Notion, Event Geek & Fiverr

Weekly Swag In the Wild – Notion, Event Geek & Fiverr
April 22, 2020

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Spotted Swag in the Wild: Notion, EventGeek, & Fiverr

Discover the latest Swag in the Wild from our esteemed SwagUp clients.

In today's digital age, the tangible nature of our business keeps us grounded and connected. It's always exhilarating to witness the swag items we create make their way into the world and into the hands of appreciative recipients. Every week, we highlight these moments as "SwagUp In the Wild" during our meetings. Sharing these moments instills a sense of pride and accomplishment in our team.

We're excited to present some recent SwagUp projects that we've spotted in the wild, showcasing our collaboration with our partners.

A message from Michael Martocci, our Chief Swag Officer & Founder:

Project: Born with Notion

  • Company: Notion
  • Purpose: Notion's initiative to send custom newborn swag to employees celebrating the expansion of their families.
  • Swag Success Ingredients: Employee gifts, Baby swag, Dropshipping, Warehousing, Dashboard.
  • How it works: Seize significant life moments to convey your congratulatory sentiments to your dedicated employees. Make use of the SwagUp dashboard to send them tokens of appreciation as they welcome a new life into their world.

Project: EventGeek Virtual Event Attendee Swag


  • Company: EventGeek
  • Purpose: EventGeek's strategy to utilize SwagUp redeem pages to gather addresses and dispatch swag, hyping attendees for their Reboot 2020 event.
  • Swag Success Ingredients: Redeem Landing Page, Swag, Warehousing, Drop shipping, Swag Bags, Virtual Events.
  • How it works: Elevate your virtual event experience by sending attendees swag straight to their doorstep, just like EventGeek did. With SwagUp's custom redeem pages and dropshipping, adding a personal touch to any virtual event is a breeze.

Project: Fiverr Influencer Packs

  • Company: Fiverr
  • Purpose: A top-tier swag pack by Fiverr for their influential partners. A pro-tip from our side: impactful packaging can make a huge difference.
  • Swag Success Ingredients: Swag packs, Fulfillment, Global.
  • How it works: If you're weary of mediocre swag and lackluster design, you're not alone. Partner with us to explore only the best of swag items, ensuring you design a standout swag pack that resonates with your brand ethos.

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