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Best Swag Of The Internet November Edition

Best Swag Of The Internet November Edition
December 18, 2022

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Best Swag Of the Internet November 2022 Edition is here! The swag just keeps getting better and better! We scope the internet long and far to find the best swag in the game. The November swag edition does not disappoint! We hope that in highlighting the best swag on the internet you can get inspired by effective ways to use branded merch and really get to see the benefit towards your brand.

Now let’s check out the best swag on the internet November edition! 🚀

  1. Carta Branded Socks
  2. Happy Dad Swag Box Goodies
  3. A16z Branded Sparkling Water
  4. Paddle Branded Hat
  5. Southwest Ukulele Surprise & Delight
  6. Design Haus Architecture Company Swag

Carta Branded Socks

What Makes It The Best: Carta is a California-based company that provides technology specializing in cap table management. So what makes these socks so special? Well, we love the play on words with "socks" and "stocks". It's relatable to their audience which makes it a memorable swag item and tops our list!

Happy Dad Swag Box Goodies

What Makes It The Best: This swag is bananas! Literally, we are pretty sure there is a banana in there! This Happy Dad swag makes our list of best swag on the internet for great design and creativity. The branded custom box and details are right on brand and make it a fun swag box to receive! They did an amazing job of complimenting the brand and bringing those elements to life with swag.

A16Z Branded Sparkling Water

What Makes It The Best: When people think of swag they always think about food. But do you know any other brand making sparkling water for an event? That's extra to branding and we are in full support of it all! We love these custom canned sparkling waters A16Z provided for LATech Week. It's very on-brand for them.

Paddle Branded Hat

What Makes It The Best: Umm, hey, Paddle, can we cop a hat? What makes swag great comes down to design. Making branded merch that looks like something out of a retail brand is an absolute win. This is why this custom-branded Paddle hat makes our list for November!

Southwest Ukulele Surprise & Delight

What Makes It The Best: Imagine going on a Southwest flight to Hawaii and there are ukuleles on your seat and classes during the flight. Ok, you might either hate it or absolutely love it. This is exactly the surprise and delight experience Southwest provided. And we happen to love it. It's a fun experience that bridges brand and memories together. We love to see promotional items activated in events!

Design Haus Architechture Branded T-Shirts

What Makes It The Best: Good promotional items is simple and bring people together. This hits both of those spots! One look at how happy everyone looks. Company merch is a great way to bring everyone together and feel part of a team. You can't really do that without the power of swag.

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