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Companies turn to Swag for Care Packages & Fellowship

Companies turn to Swag for Care Packages & Fellowship
June 25, 2020

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Spotted Swag in the Wild: Intelligent Shift, Emergent Dynamics, OnDeck

Check out Swag in the Wild from SwagUp clients:

One of our favorite parts about our business is that it is physical. In a world constantly pushing towards the digitization of everything, the physical swag items we touch and feel every day keeps things interesting.

What we love even more than seeing the swag come to life at SwagUp HQ is seeing it out in the world, especially when we see how appreciative people are to receive it.

In our weekly meetings, we call these moments “SwagUp in the Wild” and sharing them with the team gives everyone who worked on those items a sense of pride and fulfillment.

We thought it would be fun to share some recent SwagUp projects we’ve spotted in the wild to show you real-world examples of how we are partnering with our clients.

A note from Michael Martocci, our Chief Swag Officer & Founder 

Project: Intelligent Shift Care Packages

Organization: Intelligent Shift

Purpose: We love this simple, heartfelt gesture of support to employees in a difficult time

Swag Success Ingredients: Swag Packs, Care Packages, Employee Appreciation

How it works: When it comes to swag, we love companies that think outside the box. Intelligent Shift knocked it out of the park with this care package sent to their amazing employees. Whether it’s a Netflix gift card and snacks or a mask and hand sanitizer, there are endless ways to show your team you care. (Get more ideas here)  

Project: Emergent Dynamics Welcome Kits

Company: Emergent Dynamics

Purpose: Distance is no barrier for Emergent giving their newest hires a warm welcome

Swag Success Ingredients: Swag Packs, Global Fulfillment, Onboarding

How it works: The logistics of sending swag to multiple addresses can be a huge time sink. But when you have a global team, you don’t want the quality of your onboarding experience to depend on geographical proximity. Use your SwagUp dashboard to manage fulfillment and tracking all in one place! 

Project: OnDeck Swag Packs

Company: OnDeck

Purpose: An exciting Day 1 for OnDeck new fellows as they enter the fold!

Swag Success Ingredients: Swag Packs, Onboarding, Employee Appreciation

How it works: Help your team hit the ground running with a delightful onboarding swag pack filled with all the items they want. Notebook? Check. Pens? Check. Stickers? Check. Wicked cool company socks? Big Check. Build your onboarding swag pack here.

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