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Notion Community Influencer & Ambassador Swag In the Wild

Notion Community Influencer & Ambassador Swag In the Wild
December 29, 2022

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The SwagUp team's mission is to help companies strengthen and find their tribes. Part of what makes swag exciting is being able to see it in the wild. Our swag in the wild is social proof that swag helps build connections and enhances your brand's awareness. We are thrilled to share our swag in the wild featuring Notion and how they use swag for their community members, influencers, and ambassadors. To learn more about how Notion is using SwagUp for its community building, check out our case study with Ben Leng, Notion’s Head of Community. 

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How Notion Used Swag For Community Building

Why Swag Is Important For Community Building

Notion Swag In the Wild

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How Notion Used Swag For Community Members, Influencers & Ambassadors  

It’s no secret that Notion has a unique position of being a platform that is used by businesses and everyday consumers. A bit part of their growth has been credited to their community members that turn into Notion influencers & ambassadors.

Notion has built a product that people love so much they are eager to share how they use Notion for planning events, vision boards, road mapping and so much more. The use cases for Notion are endless! The notion has proven to turn its customers into loyal influencers and ambassadors.

What’s the secret? Well no, we can’t take credit for their community-building efforts, Notions product alone is unique and is constantly evolving. So where does the swag fit into this? Swag was used to help create brand awareness through their community members. For top influencers and ambassadors, the swag has been shipped out around the world for them to distribute to their community members. Influencers and ambassadors promotes and showed community members how to use Notion for certain use cases and in turn, they received swag.

If you haven’t seen their community members share some sweet Notion swag, you probably have been living under a rock. Notions branding stands out with its fun characters and black-and-white branding. Truly there is something special about it.  

Why is swag an important part of community building for influencers and ambassadors? 

While no, you can’t just give swag to people and think you have a community. It doesn’t exactly work that way. There needs to be an underlying purpose that brings people together and shares a deep common interest. Add swag to those experiences and watch the magic happen.

SwagUp helps many customers with their community-building efforts by powering those experiences using swag. Think of it this way, when you meet someone that has a hat on from the college you went to. You might feel an immediate connection to them because of that deep common interest. If they had a hat that had a logo you didn’t know of you might not have felt the same way. That college hat might have sparked a different type of conversation. And assuming you had a positive experience, you may also connect that experience with that person.

Swag has the same magic. It creates a meaningful connection between people that confirm, “we are part of the same tribe”. It enhances the community. 

Notion Ambassador & Influencer Swag In the Wild  

Social proof of Notion’s swag in the wild working its magic! 

  • Swag Sent To Ambassadors
  • Notion Hosted An Event In NYC With A Swag Truck with Coffee!

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