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Why Great Swag Is the Perfect Way to Start and End

Why Great Swag Is the Perfect Way to Start and End
January 22, 2021

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Welcome to our Swag Expert-curated blog series sharing some of the greatest, coolest, and wildest swag projects our clients and partners have worked on! But that’s not the best part. What we love most is seeing a swag project come to life after it leaves SwagUp HQ.



The Lunchbox crew is helping brick and mortar restaurants take control of their online ordering experience. With a collection of powerful digital ordering platforms for restaurants, built by restauranteurs, Lunchbox helps clients engage with users across multiple touch points and redefine the digital restaurant experience. Less third-party, more growth. See what TechCrunch has to say about their recent Series A.


Founded in 2014, Buildup Dietitians (BUD) was created by Leah McGrath, RD, LDN after she observed a lot of negativity and criticism towards dietitians. Having been a dietitian for almost two decades at that point, she knew that the profession deserved better treatment and a more positive space to encourage and celebrate accomplishments. The result today is a community of Registered Dietitians (RD), Nutrition Students/Dietetic Interns (RD2B), and Nutrition Professionals dedicated to promoting science-based nutrition messages. Learn more over at the official website!


Lunchbox Team Welcome Swag Packs

PURPOSE: A Big Warm Welcome for the Newest Members of the Lunchbox Crew


When you get a statement like, “I can’t even decide if the box is cooler or the contents inside,” you know that’s good swag. Lunchbox is a team that knows exactly who they are and what they’re all about, and it shows in their swag. From the design and branding to the swag picks, each element shines on its own and brings the pack together for a welcome aboard unboxing experience that not only leaves a lasting impression but also inspires the kind of excitement that leads to humble bragging on social media. Which inevitably leads to curious friends and strangers, and viola, there you have it - swag marketing at its finest.

THE TAKEAWAY: Make your fantastic onboarding experience consistent for success and excitement - every single time. The trick? A swag management platform to simplify the whole process. And the best part: it’s already part of your SwagUp account :)

💡 Psst… while Lunchbox team swag isn’t available to the public, they do have a pretty awesome swag store 🔪 Check it out and see how setting up your own swag shop could be helping you grow brand awareness 24/7!

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🤗 Gift Team Swag — Connect with Your Remote Employees 🎁


BuildUp Dietitians Virtual Meetup Swag Packs

PURPOSE: Awesome Swag for the Thriving #BuildUpRDNs Community


A sure-fire way to end a virtual meetup on a high note? A surprise swag box, delivered directly to all your participants after the event! Not only were members of the BuildUp Dietitians community delighted to receive the surprise (“I received my #VirtualBuildupMeetup #SwagBox in the mail and it was like having a birthday again!” one member writes on Twitter), they were also happy to share the good news with their friends and family.

As endings are undeniably important, we love that the BuildUp team thought of swag and leveraged their brand to help members celebrate an online experience in an offline way. Plus: it’s a sweet (metaphorically and literally) surprise that will keep them coming back again and again - maybe with a friend or two 😉

THE TAKEAWAY: Coordinate swag for your virtual events to promote a seamless participant experience and strengthen your online community, no matter where they are in the world. With the SwagUp platform, set it up once and enjoy the benefits forever. Now that’s swag for the modern workplace.

💡 Planning a virtual event? Here’s a few helpful tips:

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Get Started: Corporate Care Packages the Easy Way 🎉


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