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Swag In the Wild All In Summit Conference Swag

Swag In the Wild All In Summit Conference Swag
December 13, 2022

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Editor's Note: The SwagUp team's mission is to help companies strengthen and find their tribes. Part of what makes our product exciting is being able to see the work we do in the wild. Our swag in the wild is organic social proof that swag builds connections and creates lasting brand awareness. There is nothing more exciting for our team than to share these social moments that capture the essence and importance of swag when done purposely and thoughtfully. We hope you enjoy learning and seeing some of our swag in the wild moments. In this edition, we highlight our customer Launch with the event they hosted All In Summit, and their conference swag.

Swag In The Wild All-In Summit Conference Swag

In this Swag In the Wild, we are featuring All-In Summit Conference Swag! Top-rated podcast All-In hosted a summit in Miami on May 15-17, 2022  bringing the besties together for 3 days of discussions, poker, wine, and more. This jammed packed event was created to bring the best thinkers together to share their knowledge in their areas of expertise in the world's top problems to solve. Top speakers at this event included Ryan Petersen Founder of Flexport, Elon Musk, and the Founder of Oculus, Lucky Palmer. This summit sold out and one of the experiences for registering included none other than swag by SwagUp. This event not only was filled with premium content but the swag in the wild was the ultimate conference swag!

The Launch team was in charge of working with SwagUp on getting the best swag for this special first-time event. The most important thing to them was making a great first impression for this first-time event and ensuring the swag was premium! All swag items selected for this event really reflected the audience attending and the overall purpose of this event. This is how swag can really be impactful to brands, especially when activated through experiences. The Launch team wanted to make sure registrations and swag bags didn’t disappoint! We can say if you were on Twitter during that event their swag pretty much went viral. 

What Made All In Summit Conference Swag In The Wild Impactful? 

When putting an event together as the cast of All in podcast did, one of the focuses to really set off the event was of course the swag. Why? Well, one would expect with a conference summit filled with top executives from around the world, there would be some sort of value from it. Of course, the content of the event has to be valuable but in order to get people excited and feel the immediate value it is done by giving top-quality swag. Swag for conferences helps create value and build excitement for events which is exactly what the All in podcast swag in the wild did. Our SwagUp team couldn’t capture every swag post there were so many of them getting posted on social media. The swag bags themselves were enough to give you FOMO for not attending the event. 

They didn’t stop there, not only did they provide swag as part of the registration experience but they also made sure the items were top quality. The Launch crew was very specific about picking brands that reflect the quality of the event and their brand itself. Top brands like Ember, Cuts Clothing, and Thule were used for this event. The swag you pick is a direct reflection of your brand. Trust us when we say All In crew really went all in on their swag selections.  

Lastly, to build connections, strength, and awareness around your brand, swag is an effective tool to create this. During the All In Summit, was included in other activations throughout the event. 

All-In Podcast Swag In The Wild 

We are excited to share social posts and images that were shared during the All In Summit. 

Get the All-In Summit Conference Look: 

Check out the top brands used for the All In Summit Swag In the Wild. 

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