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Swag in the Wild: Chili Piper and Ship Hero’s Top Community Swag Picks!

Swag in the Wild: Chili Piper and Ship Hero’s Top Community Swag Picks!
February 25, 2022

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Welcome to our latest installment of Swag in the Wild, our periodic roundup of the swag hits we just can't quit.

  1. Our friends at Soma Capital are repping custom swag and soaking up the Miami sun. We’re huge fans of their striking, minimalist logo, and their custom hem-tags are the perfect finishing touch on their sweet custom apparel!

2. Nebulab and Shiphero are setting their newest team members up for success with onboarding swag that makes settling in a breeze. Both companies utilized our Preset Packs for inspiration, adding thoughtful touches like premium apparel and soft goods to create custom swag that really helps their new team members stand out.

3. It may be winter, but Chili Piper is bringing the heat to social media with their super-fun Women in Sales swag. We were thrilled to partner with Chili Piper and Women In Sales to provide swag packs for last October's event, and have loved seeing recipients share their favorite items on socials.

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Earlier this month, Founder and Chief Swag Officer Michael Martocci sat down with The College of William and Mary to chat about the importance of mentorship and growth as a young entrepreneur: "[a]sking for help and having mentors allows you to move quicker and avoid mistakes".

Read his take in Snag that Swag from W&C's Winter 2022 issue, and be sure to follow Michael on Twitter for entrepreneurial insights, SwagUp successes, and more.

Working together works. 

When the tide rises, all boats rise. 

Teamwork makes the dreamwork.

Sound familiar? Whatever way you slice it, partnerships create stronger teams, and we’re building a solar system of connections with brands and teams that are searching for ways to do more, together. If you’re ready to get rewarded and connect with a wider audience by sharing content, integrating with SwagUp, or referring other businesses to us, fill out this short survey so we can learn more about you!

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