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Why We Love Community Swag for Brand Building 🤩

Why We Love Community Swag for Brand Building 🤩
November 6, 2020

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Welcome back to Swag in the Wild! 

This week, the spotlight is on Fivetran and Jobber. We’re excited to share just two of the projects these awesome teams have done with us. Swag has always been a great tool for engaging and appreciating employees and clients alike, but it is arguably most fun (and can get the craziest) when it’s made for members of the community

We’ve noticed this is especially true when we’re working with creative teams that are eager to dream up big ideas - and do the work to make it happen! As we all know, culture isn’t built spontaneously and it’s important to build a culture that aligns with your people's values. As a corollary to that, our Swag Experts recommend you think back to the roots of your organization’s culture — then consider how you can create a swag experience the community will love as a result. This quick exercise can often lead to inspiration for unusual and interesting swag projects!

Without further ado, let’s check out how Fivetran and Jobber use swag to appreciate and engage with their community 🚀


Fivetran is a modern data stack redefining the data pipeline. Their goal: make it easier to focus on the analytics (and not the engineering.)  Think automatic data integration from source to destination, allowing real-time insights and analysis. So if you want a simpler way to get all the data you need from a variety of places, check out how this team can help!


Jobber is transforming software for small home service businesses. Their user-friendly tech — including tools to organize everything from scheduling and crew management to customer invoicing and payment collection — enables people to come together and create stronger communities. If you run a service business, learn more about Jobber here.

Shoutout to the Fivetran and Jobber teams for bringing swag that embraces community values to the people that matter most! 🎉 


Fivetran Pride Swag

COMPANY: Fivetran

PURPOSE: Pride Month Swag! 🌈

SWAG SUCCESS INGREDIENTS: Bulk Swag, Swag Packs, Company Culture


These comfy Pride Swag shirts are one of Fivetran’s coolest swag projects with us! In celebration of Pride Month, the Fivetran team put together a simple swag gift featuring a premium cotton tee and the Fivetran logo in pride colors. 

And with 100% combed cotton, the shirts are softer than regular cotton, ensuring a longer lifespan of comfort. (Case in point that the quality of material matters when it comes to picking swag. Reach out to a Swag Expert for advice on the best options). Now that’s swag that new hires and veteran team members can get excited about. 

Kudos to Fivetran for putting together these awesome Pride shirts for their employees! 🙌🏻

If you want to create swag that your employees will wear, show off, and share with their friends and family, pay homage to the brand values that the company stands behind. 

Because oftentimes those are the same values that drew your talent and members of the community to the company in the first place. But sometimes that’s easy to forget. After all, when it comes to branding, many of us have grown used to thinking of swag as nothing more than a company logo on a cool product. 

Of course, the best swag involves a little more thought than that - we’ve noticed that teams that think about the ‘why’ behind their swag projects get a lot more value out of their swag! 

From a culture of diversity and inclusion to sustainability and carbon neutral initiatives, if your company has a stance that matters to the community around the company, your swag will go further when you recognize that. 

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Jobber VIP Smash Box Swag


PURPOSE: Exclusive Community Ambassador “Smash Box” Swag 🔨

SWAG SUCCESS INGREDIENTS: Social Media, Swag Packs, Brand Ambassadors, Community Swag


One of the best parts of getting swag in the modern era is that it’s a thoughtful physical gesture that stands in stark contrast to the growing digitization of our world. Because sometimes it’s just fun to smash things.

Jobber takes that physicality one step further. As in, hammer-to-block, reveal-the-hidden-swag physical… in short, it’s pretty damn cool (see the clip below).

This particular swag project embraces a theme and as only 40 VIP smash box packs were sent out to Jobber Community Ambassadors for an Instagram-worthy moment, the emphasis works well in creating a cool community moment. 

Props to Jobber for using community swag in a fun way that simultaneously achieves the effect of brand growth and social media engagement! 

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