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Swag In The Wild – Onboarding Swag Edition

Swag In The Wild – Onboarding Swag Edition
November 8, 2022

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We love seeing our customers swag in the wild throughout the internet or maybe a screenshot of a slack message from the excitement of teams receiving swag! Either way, swag makes for a memorable experience when done correctly! In this Swag In the Wild, we highlight our customers using company swag to enhance their onboarding experiences.

What Is Swag Onboarding? 

You can use "onboarding swag" to help welcome a new client, new employee, student, or community member. Onboarding swag is one of the most popular use cases we offer our customers, and it's becoming the norm.

With the rise in remote workforce and communities, the swag has a way of really humanizing the experience. Swag unifies people by allowing those who receive it to feel part of something bigger than themselves.

How Can You Use Swag For Onboarding? 

When making swag for remote team members, the key is to use swag as part of the overall experience. For example, if you have onboarding swag for in-office employees, having the swag on their desks is a great way to welcome them onboard! 

If you are making swag for clients, you might not see them, but you can send swag along with additional educational information they may need about your product.

With onboarding swag, it's also important to ask yourself whether this is something you will be offering long-term. The worst thing you can do is start providing swag, only to sunset it shortly after, which creates inconsistencies in everyone's experiences. If you're making this long-term, we recommend investing in swag items that will not discontinue so you have some brand consistency. 

While top brands are trendy for swag, you may want to see if the item you are getting is seasonal since you can avoid having it in stock for a long time. 

Swag In the Wild - Onboarding Edition 

Let's check out our SwagUp customers using swag for onboarding! These are a few examples of swag our customers have posted online!

⭐️ Featured SwagUp Customers ⭐️

On24 New Hire Swag 

Demostack New Hire Swag 

Coolleaf Employee Swag for Remote Workforce 


Designhaus Architecture

Faherty Brand

ON24 New Hire Swag

Linkedin Post by Alan Simpson  

Use Case: New Hire Swag 


Demostack Instagram Post 

Swag Use Case: Employee Onboarding Pack 


Cooleaf Linkedin Post 

Swag Use Case: Remote Workforce 

Linkedin Post by Kat MarKava

Use Case: New Hire Onboarding Swag 

Linkedin Post by Design Architecture  

Use Case: New Hire Swag 

Faherty Linkedin Post 

Use Case: New Hire Swag 

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